16-10-2012 40e ESTA-conferentie Kroatië Programma bekend!
dinsdag 16 oktober 2012

40e ESTA-conferentie Kroatië Programma bekend!

Van 16 tot 20 oktober 2012 vindt voor de 40e keer de internationale ESTA-conferentie plaats, in Porec in Kroatië. ESTA-Nederland wil haar leden stimuleren het congres te bezoeken en biedt aan voor de eerste 10 aanmeldingen het congresgeld te betalen! Aanmelden voor 1 juni 2012 bij de secretaris Cora van den Berg.


40. International ESTA conference

Porec, Croatia, 16. – 20. October 2012.

Under high patronage of Croatian President

dr. Ivo Josipovic


Conference places (all of them in the center of Porec):

Basilica St. Eufrasius, Porec

Sabornica (Town Hall), Porec

Theatre Porec - Big Hall

Theatre Porec – Small Hall


Tuesday, 16. 10. 2012.

16.00 – President Meeting

16.00 – Registration for participants

19.00 – Opening of exhibition: Franjo Kresnik, croatian violin maker

20.30 – Concert: Zagreb String Quartet


Wendesday, 17. 10. 2012. (Two parallel lectures in the same time in two rooms. Lecture = 45')

9.00 Lecture Laine Sepp  (Estonia): Wov effect in violin study

         Lecture Tamara Mataija (Croatia): Franjo Kresnik – Between Art and Artisanship

10.00 Lecture Ines Ana Badanjak (Croatia): Pizzicato method

           Lecture Karen Valeur (Denmark): From open strings to symphonic sound – music for cello ensemble by Rudolf Matz and other great cello teachers

11.00 Lecture Wolfgang Klos (Austria): European and International Networking of Music Universities

           Lecture Jelena Zuzak (Croatia): Production of sound on the string instrument

12.00 Concert Four Funen Females Cello Quartet (Denmark)

13.00 Free for lunch

14.30 Presentation Zoran Markovic (Slovenia) ZM Tailpiece for string instruments

15.00 Zoran Markovic (Slovenia): Double bass Masterclass

           Presentation Đorđe Begu (Croatia): Lijerica, croatian string folk instrument

16.00 Lecture Vildana Repse (Slovenia): Art of Chamber Music from beginner to professional musician or well educated amateur

            Lecture Marc Vanscheewijck (Belgium): Recent re-evaluations of the Baroque Cello and Its Repertoire

17.00 Concert/lecture: Mauro Tortorelli, violin (Italia), Angela Meluso, piano (Italia) - Concert pieces of the great violin teachers

18.00 Bruno Giuranna (Italia): Viola Masterclass 

19.00 Concert of Folk music (main square)


Thursday, 18. 10. 2012.

9.00  Delegates Meeting

10.00 Lecture Mirta Pletersek Blaskovic (Croatia): Violin pieces for young players by croatian composers

           Lecture Satu Jalas (Finland): Jan Sibelius: Colours in his Music and his Personality

11.00 Lecture/masterclass Barbara Doll (Swiss): Le violon c'est l'archet – how does the experience with historical bows influence my interpretation of Viennese Classical repertoire?

            Lecture Mauro Sestan (Croatia): Juro Tkalcic (1877 – 1957) cellist, composer and pedagogue

12.00 Presentation Violinleaf (Croatia) – chinrest for violin and viola

12.30 Concert Sensibile Piano Trio (Slovenia)

13.00 Free for lunch

14.00 Concert String Orchestra of Zagreb Music Academy, artistic leadership: Catherine Mackintosh (UK)

15.00 Lecture Catherine Mackintosh (UK) –  A Guide to Guidance from three great European String Teachers of mid 18th century: Geminiani, L. Mozart and Quantz

16.00 Lecture Michael Frischenschlager (Austria): Violin technic in 9 months – Complete violin technic in 9 months – Systematisation and Concentration bases of practising technic on the example of technic excercises in class of Prof. Frischenschlager

           Workshop Torbjörn Westman (Sweden): Rockstrings (everybody are invited to play)

17.00 Concert:  Barbara Doll, violin (Swiss), Cristina Marton, piano (Swiss)

18.00 Round Table: ESTA yesterday, today, tomorrow, Moderator: Kjell-Ake Hamren (Sweden)

19.00 free for supper

20.30 Concert of ESTA String Octet, artistic leadership Pavle Zajcev


Friday, 19. 10. 2012.

9.00  Presidents Meeting (continuation if necessary)

10.00 Lecture Irena Miholić (Croatia): Sviraj svirče …

Audiovisual presentation of Croatian traditional stringed instruments

           Lecture Marija Ćepulić (Croatia): Development of awareness of one's body while playing the violin (through the use of preparatory exercises without violin from the primer “Violin ABC”)

11.00 Workshop Dario Marušić (Croatia): Viulin and bajs – 2 string instruments of North Istra (everybody are invited to play)

           Lecture Nino Ruzevic (USA/Croatia): Battle for bridge

12.00 Concert  Cello plus – music for 1 to 8 cellos from class of prof. Dobrila Berkovic

13.00 Free for lunch

14.00 Ivan Prpić-Vuna (Croatia): Lecture on new Music edition of Six Sonatas & Partitas for Violin Solo by J.S. Bach.   

15.00 Leonid Sorokow (Austria): Violin masterclass  

           Dobrila Berkovic Magdalenic (Croatia): Cello masterclass  

16.00 Lecture Maarten Veeze: Intonation and overtones

           Lecture Gwendolyn Masin (Swiss): Michaela's Music House – Unlocking the Imagination of Musicians

17.00 Concert: Damiano Scarpa, violoncello (Italia)

18.00 Dora Schwarzberg (Austria): Violin Masterclass

            Lecture: Samanta Stell (Croatia): Yoga and music

19.00 Concert: Lord of the Rings – Symphony Orchestra and Choir of Music school Elly Basic – Zagreb 


Saturday, 20. 10. 2012.

9.00 Andelko Krpan: String Orchestra Workshop on Amandus Ivancic (18. Century) String symphony  (everybody are invited to play)

         Workshop Samanta Stell: Yoga and musicians

10.00 Lecture Vjera Katalinić (Croatia): Music and social environment of an 18th-century itinerant violin virtuoso: the case of Ivan Jarnović/Giovanni Giornovichi (1747-1804)

           Lecture Alberto Campagnano (Italia): Franco Gulli, great italian violinist

11.00 Lecture Dardan Kryeziu: Youth in Action

           Lecture Goran Bakrac (Croatia): How to teach chamber music

12.00 Concert Dora Schwarzberg, violin; Nino Ruzevic, violoncello; Ana Granik, piano

13.00 Free for lunch

14.30 Departure for Groznjan by bus (50 minutes) – excursion

Groznjan is very little medieval town and International center of musical youth

16.00 Concert in Groznjan: Prizewinners of Croatian string competition for young players

19.30 Comming back to Porec

20.30 Concert – Cellomania cello ensemble, artisic leaderschip Valter Despalj


Meer informatie op: www.hdgp.hr/engleski.htm