18-11-2012 linkshandige Noorse violist Terje Hansen
zondag 18 november 2012 10:30
Amersfoort, 5 minuten lopen van NS-station

linkshandige Noorse violist Terje Hansen

locatie: Johan van Oldenbarneveltgymnasium, ingang Heinsiuslaan, Amersfoort
tijd: 10.30 uur inloop met koffie, 11.00 u begin - uiterlijk 17 uur
lunch: meenemen, voor koffie wordt gezorgd

Behalve dat Terje (bekijk zijn website!) vertelt, zal hij ook een kort recital verzorgen.

First I introduce myself briefly, as you know I started to play lately (19) so I like to speak about motivation, and creativity- how to reach our goals.

Then we go to the practical session with our instrument. I present easy excersises on the fingerboard, new geometrical patterns that involves all possible combinations. People always like the approach, and it gives immediate results with a complete mental view on the fingerboard and a new security and precision.

I also want to show the new extended techniques I use. It is fun with the new sound palette that can imitate human voice, cars, birds etc
Always good to see a smiling group.I will play a ferw pieces with the new techniques.